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About the PSA:


The PSA (Parent Staff Association) has been running at Damson Wood for over 20 years. During that time, the PSA has raised thousands of pounds that have been spent solely to benefit our children in school on things like much needed equipment, resources, school trips and many more.


The main purpose of the PSA is to plan and organise events and activities within and outside of the school with the sole aim being to raise as much money as possible for the school while having as much fun as possible!


What does the PSA Committee do?


The PSA are goodwill ambassadors of the school and are responsible for organising and leading fun social events for the children, parents and local community. They ensure whatever money is raised at these events, benefits the school and the children who are part of it in the best way possible.


The group meets regularly to plan, organise and discuss new and upcoming ideas and events that we as a PSA want to hold. At the start of each calendar year we agree a list of events and we choose the venues, themes and dates. The PSA are also involved in the decision making of what the money will spent on in the school and will publish updates to the school via newsletters.


We also discuss the funds that we have raised and where they are to be spent. This is a collaborative decision between all members of the committee.


During the build up to each event, there are extra newsletters, notices and posters which will come your way.


Can I help or do I have to join the Committee to be involved?


Yes, you can help and no, you don’t have to be part of the formal committee to do so. If you would like to support the PSA in any capacity and if you wish to attend any of our meetings, you would be most welcome. We never expect every member of the committee to attend every meeting and always open the invite to larger meetings to the rest of the school where possible.


With the build up to an event, the PSA will normally send a notice out for support and extra pairs of hands if required. If you do wish to help out and lend a hand at an event, you can contact us by dropping a note marked for the ‘PSA’ to the school office and someone will contact you.

What kind of events do the PSA run and what’s involved?


During the school year, the PSA plan discos, Christmas and Summer Fayres, a Year 2 Leavers’ event and other celebrations. At any point during the year, the PSA may organise an extra event and this will be published on both the website and via Parentmail.


Will the PSA members and helpers have assigned jobs at each event?

The simple answer is yes. We think things run much smoother at an important event if people have a clear understanding of what they have to do and when. Prior to each event, we will all decide between ourselves what the roles are needed and who is going to do them on the day of the event.  We also want to have fun!


How are they going to achieve their goals?


By having a solid plan of fun events and activities scheduled properly during the calendar year which aim to fundraise as much money as possible to positively impact on our children in school. These events will be suggested, managed and organised by the PSA and each event will be discussed and supported by Miss Hughes and the staff in school.

Not every event planned will be a major fundraiser and the word value has many terms… It won’t just be about how many pounds we make, the value could also be in getting as many people as possible to attend or great feedback from a child or parent.  After each event, we aim to evaluate it simply and list the positive outputs and any negatives to ensure we are even more prepared for our next event. 

For more information about the PSA or if you are able to provide any help, no matter how big or small please e mail us at or alternatively leave a message with the school office with your contact details