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Who's Who

We have many people who make Damson Wood Nursery and Infant School such a great school and we would like to introduce you to them:


Miss Emily Hughes - Headteacher


Mrs Rosalind Fitter - Deputy Headteacher and SENCo


The Nursery Team


Ash Class

  • Miss Williams - Class Teacher
  • Mrs Brown - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Kennedy - Playworker
  • Mrs Gallehdar - Playworker



The Reception Team


Oak Class

  • Mrs Stoneman - Class Teacher
  • Mrs Garbett - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Chidler - Teaching Assistant



The Year 1 Team


Maple Class

  • Mrs Wright - Class Teacher


Pine Class

  • Miss Hull - Class Teacher


Other Staff Members

  • Miss Ashmead - Year 1 Teaching Assistant



The Year 2 Team


Beech Class

  • Miss Maycock - Class Teacher


Rowan Class

  • Miss Greenwood - Class Teacher (Mon-Thur)
  • Mrs Dickens - Class Teacher (Fri)


Other Staff Members

  • Mrs White - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Jones - Teaching Assistant



The Office Team



  • Mrs Jeffs - School Secretary
  • Mrs King - Administration Assistant (Wed and Fri)
  • Mrs Wood - Administration Assistant (Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri - a.m.)



The Lunchtime Playworkers



  • Mrs Dahele
  • Miss Butwell (Mon and Tue)
  • Mrs Corser-Wallace
  • Mr Dahele
  • Miss Matin
  • Miss White
  • Miss Williams



Woodies Team



  • Mrs Nicola Kindon - Manager
  • Miss Stella Ward - Deputy Manager
  • Mrs Mary Wakeman - Lead Playworker
  • Mrs Siobhan Kennedy - Playworker
  • Mrs Susan Mears - Casual Playworker
  • Miss Paige Ellis - Casual Playworker
  • Miss Amy Williams - Casual Playworker
  • Mrs May Walker - Casual Playworker



Other Important People



  • Mr Hands - Site Manager
  • Mrs Phillips - Unit Catering Manager
  • Mrs Busby - Catering Assistant
  • Mrs Severn - Catering Assistant



Meet The Governors



  • Mrs Evans - Chair of Local Governing Body
  • Miss Hughes (Headteacher) - Staff Governor
  • Mrs White (Teaching Assistant) - Staff Governor
  • Mrs Fitter (Deputy Headteacher and SENCo) - Associate Governor
  • Mr Holdsworth - Community Governor
  • Mrs Hull - Community Governor
  • Mrs Hinde - Clerk to the Governors


If you are interested in becoming a member of our Local Governing Bogy, please contact the school on 0121 705 8652 for further details.

School Dog - Reggie

School Dog - Reggie 1

Our School Dog, Reggie is a working, therapeutic dog who comes into school usually once per week to support children on an individual or small group basis. His role in school is to:

  • support children to become more confident readers;
  • support children with emotional regulation;
  • improve the motivation of our younger children to become independent with their self-care;
  • motivate children to attend school regularly;
  • teach empathy and interpersonal skills;
  • reduce stress and anxiety.

Please see our Policies section for our Dogs in School Policy; which includes our Working Dog risk assessment.