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Forest School

What is Forest School?

“Forest School is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment.” The Forest School Association.


Forest School sessions


Forest School takes place outdoors whatever the weather (except in thunderstorms and very high winds) therefore it is crucial that your child has appropriate warm, waterproof clothing and suitable footwear. These can be left in a bag on your child’s peg, but we will endeavour to send them home if your child gets wet or muddy during their session.


What are the benefits of Forest School?   


  • Confidence Forest School helps children to grow in confidence as a result of the freedom, time and space they are given in their learning. This allows them to demonstrate independence at each individual child’s rate.
  • Social skills Activities such as sharing tools and participating in play help teach the children to work together as a group, which strengthens their bonds and social ties.
  • Communication The sensory experiences provided by Forest School help prompt language development. Improving communication skills has a positive effect on a child’s self-esteem and is a crucial part of their development.
  • Motivation and concentration High levels of interest lead to high levels of attention. Spending time in Forest School is exciting for a child. It tends to fascinate them which develops a strong will to participate and concentrate over long periods of time.
  • Physical skills The increase in outdoor activity develops a child’s physical stamina and gross/fine motor skills. Activities that include running around and climbing trees also develop muscle strength, aerobic fitness, balance and coordination.
  • Knowledge and understanding Children develop an interest in the great outdoors and respect for the environment. Encouraging children to develop a relationship with the natural world will help in protecting the environment for generations to come.
  • Improved mental health Today’s children are experiencing increased stress caused by a range of pressures. Mental-health professionals acknowledge that maintaining a relationship with nature can be very helpful in supporting children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Exposure to manageable risk At Forest School, children can run and make a noise, get their hands dirty and experience manageable risk, which is essential for healthy child development, through activities such as supervised fire building and cooking.
  • Enjoyable for the children Forest School is fun! It is educational whilst also allowing children to play, explore and discover.

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